🚜 DEF / Adblue removal available on CASE, Kobelco, Doosan & Hitachi

DEF Delete / Adblue removal devices are available for Trucks, Road Sweepers, Gritters & Heavy Plant Machinery

Our Ad-Blue Emulator / DEF Delete Will Disable Adblue For Good!

Why Stop Adblue

def delete

If the Adblue system is not switched off its costing you extra money everyday. When the system fails the truck or earth moving machinery will go into limp mode which has to be fixed, which costs more money and downtime. The most common fault with the SCR system is the NOX sensor costing approx £900, next is the Adblue ECU at a cost of £5000. We have had customers who have replaced the NOX sensor every 3 – 4 months until they fitted our box and now they have no problems. We have a lot of calls every day from businesses that have DEF / Adblue faults, its always the truck has gone into limp mode again! They are paying thousands of pounds every month or two to keep repairing the Adblue faults, even the main dealers can’t fix the DEF problems. Until they can get a working SCR system that doesn’t constantly break, our Adblue delete units are the answer to your problems. The SCR on cars seem to work ok with no major problems, we do however get the odd call every few weeks asking to disable the SCR system but we don’t do any cars and have no plan to.

What happens when you fit our Adblue removal box?

Adblue removal

When our DEF emulator is fitted it will disable the SCR system and NOX sensors. The truck or construction machinery will no longer use or require any more Adblue. The emulator must be fitted inside the truck, normally in the foot well where it will be dry.

Where To Buy Our DEF Delete Unit

You can buy the Adblue Removal box direct from us for DIY installation, please call us to discuss your requirements on +44 (0) 1228 540404. We offer bulk discounts on our Adblue Emulators. We manufacture our Adblue boxes so we can give you a full 2 year warranty. You can’t buy our boxes anywhere else, there are a lot of cheap Chinese cloned boxes available on the internet but they don’t use our custom Adblue removal software and they have very cheap components that don’t last.


No more limp mode!

DEF removal

We specialise in Adblue removal devices for trucks, tractors, earth moving vehicles & generators, our emulator boxes will completely disable your SCR system. These can be fitted by you and should take no more than 30-45 minutes, we provide full instructions and phone support if you need our help. The DEF can be disabled by fitting one of our emulator boxes to your truck. If you sell your vehicle this device can be moved and fitted to a new vehicle if its the same make. Adblue problems can be fixed by fitting this box in under 1 hour. No more limp mode and No SCR errors! By fitting the emulator you are converting your truck from EURO 4/5 & EURO 6 back to EURO 3, you don’t need to remove any part of the SCR/DEF system, just fit the emulator and job done!


When the emulator box is fitted correctly you will no longer get any errors related to the SCR system and you will no longer require Adblue. Does our Adblue emulator box work on any truck? This is working on the following trucks with the SCR system.



Heavy Plant Machinery


Articulated Dump Trucks TA300 TA400


Our DEF Delete works on most of the CASE Construction Equipment, the below list of CASE models are just some of them that our DEF removal box is currently working on. 2050M SV250 821F 850M


Wheel Loaders HL970 HL980 Crawler Excavators HX130 LCR HX140 L HX145 LCR HX160 L HX180 L HX480 L HX520 L R125LCR-9A


DOOSAN – ( Perkins Engines & Scania DC9 & DC13 Engines )

Articulated Dump Trucks DA30 DA40 Wheel Loaders DL200-5 DL200-5 TC DL300-5 DL350-5 DL420-5 DL450-5 DL550-5 Crawler Excavators DX140LCR-5 DX140LC-5 DX180LC-5 DX300LC-5 DX380LC-5 DX420LC-5 DX490LC-5 DX530LC-5 Wheeled Excavators DX165W-5 SLR and Semi-SLR DX530LC-5 – Semi-SLR DX530LC-5 – SLR Others: MOXY MT31




We have our DEF Delete boxes working on most of the Powerscreen range, if your crushing machine has Adblue faults its causing downtime which we can fix in minutes. When you have our custom emulator fitted to your Powerscreen crusher you will never have any more SCR problems. 400X / R400X 300 / R300 1000 MAXTRAK XH320SR TRAKPACTOR 320


SK350 We can make custom Adblue emulators for most makes of trucks, tractors and heavy plant equipment, we don’t make any Ad-Blue removal boxes for cars. Turn off DEF / Adblue today by calling us now on 01228 540404.