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If you have a new diesel construction machine, chances are that it uses something called AdBlue, a type of exhaust fluid that’s stored in a separate reservoir and topped up via the blue filler cap that you’ll find next to the fuel filler, under the bonnet or in the boot of your vehicle.

The mixture itself is a colourless, non-toxic combination of deionised water and urea – and you’ll notice that it is, in fact, not blue at all!

As you drive along, tiny amounts of the mixture are injected into the exhaust gas flow, turning to carbon dioxide and ammonia at high temperatures. This is great from a pollution perspective, because the ammonia then reacts with the harmful nitrogen oxide you find in the exhaust, turning it into nitrogen and water instead.

Topping up the levels between services is advisable, as your engine’s power and performance will be reduced if you do run out of AdBlue in order to limit its emissions. So make sure that you pay attention to your dashboard warning lights, as you won’t be able to restart your car if you stop and the tank is empty.

Find out if your machine uses AdBlue by checking out the vehicle handbook or seeing if you can find a filler cap in the vehicle itself. If it does, you can easily top up on the fluid at petrol stations, online and garages – and it might be a good idea to always keep a bottle in the vehicle, so you can refill as and when you need to.

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